friends with benefits said something weird?

So my friend with benefits said something kind of weird after we had sex, we aren’t really that affectionate towards each other after sex however I lay on his lap, and he said “I would put my arms around you but I’m so cold”
His arms were around himself and he is really bad for feeling the cold he constantly wears two layers lol.
My question is... Was that an excuse to not be affectionate towards me or him saying he actually would cuddle me? It’s just weird because I never even thought about the fact he wasn’t cuddling me until he said he “would” ? Is this a positive or negative thing?


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  • May be his way of trying to bring up the affection topic and see where you are

    • What do you mean?

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    • Well 2 people cuddling would warm him up more than him holding his arms to his chest

    • That’s what I thought

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  • Need friends like that

    • What is your opinion on what he said? Excuse not to cuddle or do you think he genuinely would have if he wasn’t freezing cold

  • Excuse to not cuddle lol


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