Should I tell her im serious about looking for a realtionship to?

So this girl i been seeing for alil while is seeing other guys and told me she was perusing a guy who does not want a realtionship, but she told me she was looking for a serious realtionship i said i would like to go with the wind and see how things go, and she told me she doesn't wanna waste her time with me but i am looking for something srs, but sometimes it just seems like she doesn't even like me and whenever we hang out we talk a lot have a few things in common and always end up kissing and maybe i think things should move faster but she barely initiates conversations with me because she feels that is "chasing" when i'm trying not to come off as clingy or annoying.

So should i tell her how i feel as well or should i just move on?


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  • I'd say tell her, and maybe include that you don't want your time to be waisted too. So tell her you're interested in a relationship with her and if she turns you down just stop seeing her. If she doesn't want you after you say that then she's not worth it

    • Yeah, im just gonna let her know and if she still wants to act like that ill just give up

    • I did tell her but then she back pedal'd so i had to drop her and move on

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  • You should tell

    • Is this ok?

      I think u should know i am actually looking for something srs too, but i like to take things slow and not just hop into realtionships because i don't want my time wasted either and i don't wanna end up giving that inch and then the mile is taken (not saying your like that) i do like you and i wanna get to know you way more. I know your persuing the other guy so right now theirs not a lot of room for me or maybe you don't even look at me like that or want that from me but if things do change and you want something to actually go somewhere, you can hit me up

    • Ah I see then that's you the who decided it. It's hard to find someone who wants a serious relationship right now. Well you're kind tho

    • Nah she decided that lol i was saying i was too

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