What do you like in guys?


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  • Hmmm...

    -I like dudes who are funny. But that's basic.
    -I also like dudes who are understanding and open minded, mostly because I'm very weird, so I need a dude who can put up with me lol. Still pretty basic.
    -I like guys who are unique and different, and who like to have funny and laugh. But who are also deep. Yeah still basic.
    -I like dudes that will open up to me, and lean on me when they need to.
    -Dudes who aren't afraid to cry.
    -I like it when I can talk comfortably around a dude without having to fear judgement or whatever.
    -One I can also lean on. We can lean on each other I guess.
    -I like dudes that are kind and smart.
    -Guys who maybe are on the nerdy or weird side.
    -A guy with similar interests. (I'm into anime and video games).

    Thats mostly it for personality. But looks wise. I'll list a few weird things I like physically speaking...

    -A dude who can pull off a beanie. Don't ask me why.
    -A have thing, a weird thing lately, for dudes that are tall, and have long skinny legs. Bro I don't know why.
    -I recently have also discovered that I have a thing for Asians. I just do man.

    However despite all these things, if I found a dude who just liked me, who I just really connected with, it really wouldn't matter if he fit none of the things I just mentioned lol.


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  • I love isolated man who can smile just like beast of the beauty n the beast.


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