I really need help, someone got tips?

guys my ex-BFF hangs a lot around my boyfriend I know she doesn’t like him but IT GET ON MY NERVES! I really don’t like it but if I tell my boyfriend with he gets angry And if I tell her sth she gets angry I really care for him but I just don’t know what to do 😕 so pls help me
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  • If you don't take action, nothing will change. If it upsets you, tell them. Or, ask them. If they really aren't interested in each other that way, then they're just making new friends, and there isn't anything wrong with that. But if either one begins making advances, stop that shit immediately. Your boyfriend isn't your property, but he is your partner, and if he's not willing to fully commit to your relationship, he isn't worth it. Trust me.

    • Thanks I really have seen some moves like she touching his arm but not in a “FRIEDNLY” way

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  • Observe. It would be best in this situation. I mean, they both get angery so I think that if you ever will talk about it, you are gonna lose them so you don't have any choice.

    What you can do is to observe. How they both talk, text, meet, walk etc. I mean, just observe. I think, if your boyfriend loves you than he isn't gonna cheat you. Plus, I would say that maybe they are angry because you are just being too judgmental.

    Think for the positive and be prepared for the worst. This is what I do and what you should also do. Do they text eachother? Additional information may help. But for now, observing and thinking positive is best. Judging them too much will harm your relationship.

    Stay safe and think positive.

  • Why would you boyfriend be mad that you are not cool with it.. he should be willing to adjust. Do you think he is into her and likes her attention?


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