I want to know what my ex is thinking right now and who will he choose?

I just broke up with my boyfriend because he asked me wanting to take the next step in life, but he wasn't ready. I didn't know why he asked, but I found out that he wants to try for another girl and was making sure I was the one to let him go first. I have been with this person for almost 6 years and it was on and off, but this year I felt it was settle and we were to find our goals. After knowing that he liked someone in our friend's group, I got mad and I told him how I felt. He got confused and I don't know what he is thinking. I know he really love me, but he's confused if he wants to be with me. He always say something like, I'm not sure..I want to be with you, but he's always iffy and I know the girl likes him too. She was the one who told him that she has feelings for him. I know I should of let him go and not express any of my feelings, but it's a bit late. I know deep down inside he wants to be with me and it's been months. He's been pushing me away, but at the same time, he wants to me to stay and see. He told me to give him space and he promise me not to make any moves towards the other girl. I know she's a rebound and he's making sure if he understands her a bit and being friends with her first. I know he wants to try. It's so hard to let go though. I always hear songs from guys that they make mistake letting the love of their life go. I'm worried about him too. He's 26 and he does not have a job or finish with his degree. He kept telling me to believe in him. He's going to prove to me that he will change. I don't know what he really wants. He told me maybe God is testing to see if we can wait for each other. I don't know if I want to wait or get hurt seeing them going out. Do I have to do something to win him back? I want to move on, but I want him to like me too. Maybe a payback? not really, I do love him, but I want to make sure what he really wants, but I can't do anything about it. The girl is very mysterious too, but he's curious. He wants to know her and she still likes him. I don't know. I'm so confused. I keep thinking about him and what he's going to think about when he knows she feels the same for him. What can I do? Guys, you tell me how you know the girl is the one and after a break up, do you regret going out with another girl and realizing that the girl you use to date was the love of your life? Please and thank you


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  • Do nothing if he comes back to you he is yours if not he was never yours...


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