What is her deal?

A girl I have known for a few years and I talk quite a bit and recently she talked to me about her unsatisfactory sexual experience, and talked about a competition of who could deliver the best orgasms and then who falls asleep fastest after.
At first I thought she was kidding, but then she said I could come over for a slumber party, and she said I could sleep with her naked.
So I have been trying to arrange this, but she just started school, and is busy. She takes a few days to answer me now. But I've sent her funny pictures and she responds relatively quickly.
Was she actually joking? What's her deal?


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  • I think she wants to try, but is a little embarrased because she dont want to feel desperate
    So you could try to make more interess in her, but dont look like you only want to sleep with her, she might regret that
    I think she likes you

    • I tried asking her out to go see infinity war, and she never responded to me. But she's responded since. What else can I do? I got her to mess around last night by saying she forfited the competition.

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    • Okie. Thank you for your time and help 😊😊😊😊

    • :) de nada

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