Girlfriend drinking?

How would I go on about asking my girlfriend to not drink without being controlling?


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  • You can express why you feel she shouldn't be drinking/are uncomfortable with it but ultimately, I feel it is up to her weather she wants to drink or not


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  • Tell her why you're concerned and what you would rather do instead

    • Okay we did that and she agreed she wouldn’t, but the other day she turned 21 and I don't know if she went out and drank with her friends, I’m trying to trust her bc I’m insecure, I also do want her to enjoy herself but I also don’t want her to drink so how should I talk to her about it

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    • Let her go as in let her drink or break up?

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  • Why is it you don't want her to drink?
    What is it?

    • Health she’s on prescription medication and I worry about her so that’s why I want to tell her to not drink

    • Depending on what kind of medication it is, she shouldn't be drinking alcohol.
      - Though I'm not very knowledgeable about the details -

      Talk to her that you're worried about her health, tell her medical facts about medicine and alcohol, usually, it should be in some kind of information folder when you get your medication.
      Be sure it isn't good for her health before talking to her and just make sure she understands it's because you care about her health.
      - Don't say something like "you cannot" or "I won't allow you,"

  • Is she drinking excessively?

    • She was before we started dating and she stopped doing it so much, but now I just worry here and there bc I don’t want her to go back to the wreck less ness

    • Nothing wrong with expressing your concern

  • Dont ask. Demand. If all else fails. Buy a leash.

  • u can't

    • How come?

    • no girl wants to be told what to do and what not to do, for me at least ad most girls ik, if you are gonna do that then say it in a way where its not ab you or her

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