He wants to take it slow. What does this mean?

Been dating someone about a month. He's been hurt recently and is pretty gun shy about getting in to another relationship. He says he has jumped in before...and doesn't want to do that again. Says he really likes me...but, wants to take it slow. So...does that mean he really does or is that a polite way to get rid of me? He does call every few days...and, he seems fine with contact only a couple times a week. He lives an hour away, so I only see him once a week...if that...and talk a couple times a week. I really like him...don't want to push...but, I also am wishing for more contact.


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  • at your age people have tunnel vision when it comes to relationships and their closet is filled with a history of experiences...hence the excuse to take things slow...so go at a pace that both of you can manage together


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