How do I gain his trust back?

A few nights ago, I️ was being nosy and decided to log into my boyfriends Instagram and look at his dms. I️ didn’t do this because I️ thought he was cheating, I️ just did I️t out of curiosity and I️ definitley regret I️t. I️ ended up reading a few dms that he had with a girl who he used to be friends with because I️ used to be afraid that he liked her, but they were just friends and I️ was paranoid. I️ ended up feeling guilty and telling him that I️ did that, and he’s been acting weird and distant ever since. He told me tonight that I️t really hurt him and he lost a lot of trust in me since I️ invaded his privacy, and I️ feel awful about I️t. How do I️ gain his trust back and show him how Sorry I️ am for going through his dms?


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  • Breaking trust is like a bruise to the skin. People heal at different rates. And some people are more easily bruised hence the bruises last longer etc. and there isn't really anything you can do to make a bruise heal faster. You can cover it with makeup and pretend like it's not there, but that's definitely not the way to solve a broken trust issue. Not a healthy way at least. Skin needs to breathe, just like a person in this sort of situation. You need to give him a bit of space but make your position extremely clear in that you're superbly sorry that you've done this.
    "Curiosity kills the cat" so to say.. Which you've now learned!
    But just know that it might take him a while to bounce back depending on how he is as a person, his beliefs/morals and patience.. Those sorts of things and more all contribute greatly to what could become of this situation.
    However, as he said, you hurt him greatly.. So be careful and show a more tender side of yourself keeping in mind that he's wounded emotionally so you should handle emotional things more carefully than you normally would.
    Again, looping back to my bruise example, you wouldn't tightly grip a spot where you're badly bruised, you'd gently grip and navigate the issue with care.
    I hope this helps! And best of luck to ya! :)


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  • You really can't. You just have to give him time and let him decide if he is going to give his trust back to you. Now you have to live with your indescretion for a little while.


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  • Honestly your a piece of shit for doing that hahaha. A relationshipis built on trust and you have knocked it all down

    • Doesn't mean you gotta be an asshole dude

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    • It'll change once there's a universe that you're not wrong.

    • Makes sense. Best of luck young man

  • Let him go through all of your dms is relaly the only thing i can think of

  • Just tell him how you feel, tell him you’re sorry , that he’s right and there was no excuse for your behavior. I think he will understand


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