He hasn’t told his parents about me yet, is he ashamed of me?

I have been seeing this guy for a couple of months now, I am a single Mum of 2 young children. I have been very financially responsible my whole life, I have lots of assets and have no debt however I mostly stay home with the kids and have uni also. He hasn’t told his parents about me yet and I have a feeling he is avoiding it. I feel embarrassed and ashamed of my situation. He is 33. Is this how most guys would feel in this situation?


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  • That is between him and his family. It doesn't mean he is ashamed of you. It may mean that he is scared of what his parents will think or that he doesn't share everything with them.

    • They are a close family and obviously I’m afraid that they will put doubt in his mind. It’s just all quite scary.

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    • Thanks 😂

    • Sorry that was supposed to be 😁

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