Does she like me? What are her friends up to?

So I like a girl and I have a feeling she likes me back but I'm 100% sure. So the reason I have a feeling she does is cause her birthday was a couple of months ago and one a couple of her friends posted photos of her on her Facebook timeline and there was a photo of me in there. One of her friends also followed me on instagram and another one has been looking at my instagram story highlights. What are her friends up to? I’m not sure


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  • Well maybe she is really into you and told her friends about she liking you and her friends are indeed looking for signals of another woman in your life or just checking you out. This is a kind of shit test, when a woman ask her close girl friends about a potential candidate to relationships, what they think about the candidate. So they will get information and give her opinions. The troublesome part is that one of these girl friends can get interested in you also , and if that is the case she will try to make her giving up. But this is just a possibility. If you want to know what is really up the best action would be to ask her out and see how it plays, if she reject you will know she isn´t interested, if she accepts it is just a matter of playing your cards right and read her body language to advance or stop.

  • Didn't you just post this like a day ago?

    • Yeah but I did it again so unless you’ve got some sort of opinion relevant to the question, I’ll see you later

    • Not meaning to judge or anything bro! Just curious as to why. But honestly I don't think there's any particular evidence of anything really. Maybe if this was high school but if you're 24 then I doubt there is anything going on and you're just overthinking it.

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