Should I ask him to hang out? Our main source of communication is texting, how should I casually ask him to hang out?

OK guys seriously please help me out. I'm a super shy girl, have never asked out a guy and I mean not even to hang out. I always let the guy do that. BUT this guy I met a couple of weeks ago, we hung out twice and as usual I was super shy and also pretty awkward, just because I get nervous and also because I kinda liked him. Both times he sorta initiated the hanging out. Now though he's not, it could be because he lost interest or maybe because he has no idea how I feel about him and even if I enjoy hanging out with him much. Since I'm so shy and nervous it's hard to tell how I feel. I don't even know what he's thinking.

But now I want to hang out with him or go out whatever. Too many times have I just let it go and did nothing when a guy doesn't ask me out because I was too damn shy and deathly fearful of rejection, which I still am. But I feel I can't keep doing this. I have to make a move.

Guys please tell me should I ask him to hang out? Our main source of communication is texting, how should I casually ask him to hang out? I'm bad at this, never done it before. Please give me tips! Would you like it if a girl asked you out? It doesn't freak you out or anything does it? How to handle rejection if he says no without being an idiot or making it awkward?

Guys please help! Also girls who have done this please your insight!


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  • just text him "Hey what does a girl have to do to get a date?"

    • That's a good one. Man, I'm a nervous wreck just thinking about texting him that, lol. I've been so shy around him,not letting him get close, he'll be like "Woah! where the hell did that come from?"..haha.

      Any other tips, ideas guys!! Really want to do this right..and not have him say

    • I would text him what I said above after a day where you have been talking or texting him during the day. It'll come more naturally.

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  • do it!

    • Trying to gather courage. You'd think I'm going fight in a war or something, lol.

  • Most likely he has no idea how you feel about him. Guys will either keep trying, or give up at this point, whereas girls still expect him to ask them out. You should call him, not text, so you two are on the same page and you two can hear each others' tones of voices.


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  • you could just text him asking him to hang out and suggest a day. I tend to use those words when I am just getting to know the guy still cause it seems less serious than a date (that part may just be in my mind though).

    If he does say that he does not want to hang out you can simply text him with something to the effect of "maybe some other time"

    Also, I f he says that he is busy and does not offer another day as an option than you should not waste your time with him, and you can still say maybe some other time than to deflect the situation.

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