What do you think of his response? Would you accept this?

I dated this guy on and off.
He pulled several things on me that I didn’t like and always had the perfect excuse for his behaviour.
He ghosted me 2 weeks
Not to mention he ghosts me whenever I am on my monthly cycle (doesn’t talk to me at all)
Stops initiating contact so I chase him which I don’t because it’s draining
Keeps promising to take me out on a proper date but never does
I lost a ring one day and he suggested to call the place we where at to find it but never did. So it’s lost for good!

Is super flaky on planned dates that does not involve sex. And sometimes even more flaky when it coincides with something he wants to do.
I always dump him and he always calls me the crazy one.

Has the guts to pretend this is a relationship!

Makes me feel like not a priority

I’m truly done though with him... he drains my energy even if I try not to get too investedWhat do you think of his response? Would you accept this?
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  • Mmm that answers I've seen it in mathew hussey videos... like it
    My point of view from his answer is he is making fun of u for giving him so many opportunities
    And blaming u for the break ups bc u lacked attention.. bc he was busy
    Not contacting u during ur monthly cycle... tf...
    Its like he just like r good side and detest ur bad side that is worth to be ignored

    If he can't deal with ur monthly cycle... and only want to f*ck... he can go and date a MAN bc thats what he need

    Real boyfriend will bring u tea and talk u sweeter

    He lost... and he is acting like ur the blame... and that ur the looser... he doesn't want t accept the truth...
    I've been on a similar situation... he is INMATURE

    there's a ton of men in the world that s waiting for a woman like u that love that hard... tha care that much... bc it feel good... to receive that kind of affection

    If he doesn't want it... his loss
    I find him insensitive... the only way to change him is through hardship... he need to feel a heartbreak... a person death... to start understand the value of loving

    • Yes I got inspired by Matthew Hussy’s vid for my response to his bullshit.

      You nailed it girl and kind of rephrased what’s been going on with me and this guy!

      By reading your comment I realize how much of a piece of shit he is. And the fact that he finds me gross during my period just drove me up the wall when he said that.

      You are right to say he is immature and can seriously go fuck a guy if he wants it so bad.

      I’ve been kicking him out of my life it’s been three times now and he still doesn’t get it!

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  • I'd be fine with the answer. Why even put more thought into that guy?

    • I think it’s because I’m frustrated and feel like I got played by someone who’s pretending to be someone he is not. When I first meet him he was not like the way he is now. I guess it was just for show

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    • Thanks for the kind words! :)
      I will look forward to a better future

    • No problem, I wish you the best

  • I hope you dump him. You deserve better. You are the prize. He is not your worth your time or energy. I think you should tell him bye bye. I think you should move on.

  • Move on. He's not worth your time. Also, he sounds like a narcissist. He's not good for you.

    • You are like the second person that told me he sounds like a Narc. Thanks for your comment!

    • No problem.

  • He's trying to guilt trip you. Don't fall for it. You know what you want and he's not willing to give you it, move on.

  • Control freak way too needy twists things to make you look bad he will mess your head big time if you let him... next

  • You took the exit door, so why do you care that he agrees. Or did you want him to plead for you to stay?

  • You'll be back to this guy no matter what we way because this dude his living his authentic life, and you want to be a part of it.

    • Nah I don’t want to be part of his life where he treats me like shit and never listens to what I have to say. Plus finds me gross on my monthly cycle tells me to come back after it’s over. His a douche bag

  • You should just move on, and stop wasting your time

    • Thanks for your comment. Will do

  • kinda hard to go off just based off that text message.

  • He is an idiot. Find someon worth ur time.

  • He seems like a jerk. Keep away from that...

  • Just accept that and move on


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