Is moving in with your boyfriend a huge step in a relationship?

So my boyfriend and I’ve been together for 3 years and we’ve decided on getting a place for us to live together, my question is is this a huge step because he’s never talked about doing this with his ex’s so what makes him want to move in with me, although I’m very excited to move in with him, but just wanted to know if this is a huge step in a relationship and what happens next. Thank you


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  • I think that is a big step. Living together is a lot different than just dating. That's when you really find out how compatible you are with things when you are sharing living space and dividing up chores like taking out the garbage, grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, etc. and being together almost all the time.

    I personally wouldn't live with a woman I didn't think I wanted to be in a long term relationship, so if you're the first he's done it with, congratulations. I think you are very special to him.

  • Yeah thats a pretty big step

    • So what does this indicate, we have talked about marriage and he said that he could be my future husband and he asked me for my ring size

    • I think its a good indication that he loves you a lot and he will probably ask to marry you soon. Since he wants to live with you it shows that he wants to spend a lot of time with you. Also living with each other is good way to see how truly compatible you are since you will be together more time than not.

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  • Yeah. It's a lot different than anything you guy have done together beforehand. Now you live under the same roof.

  • Hmmm yess really a huge step

    • So what does this indicate, we have talked about marriage and he said he could be my future husband

    • It m means that he wanted to spend more time with you and stay together.

      Did you two had sex?

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