Fling with a Married Person?

Has any single... or committed people got into a fling with a person who you knew was married?

A few months ago I did. Old friend from high school got reconnected through facebook. Knew she was married, took her out on a "date", and we kissed at the end of it. A few days later, I had her in my bedroom. And a few weeks later she dropped all contact from me. Not that I am heart broken or anything. She just up and left me to dry.


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  • "Not that I am heart broken or anything."

    Meaning, you used her as a "free prostitute"?

    • No... People have casual sex all the time. I don't have to feel love to have sex with a girl.

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    • Or just the fact that most men don't have to PAY for sex to get their d***ski wet. They can actually make conversation and be sociable.

    • You are using her just as any prostitute user use a prostitute for sex, except you don't pay her, you insist you "care for her", and I already have told you there are some who care for their prostitute they use too, just like, if not more than you. You seduce a married a wife this time, what kind of "friend" are you? You are an hypocrite, a scumbag. You deserved to be dumped like one. Any viewer of this thread can see that you are a low life without moral integrity.

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  • You did something wrong. She did something wrong. She hopefully seriously regrets it, and by your finally comment " Not that I am heart broken or anything" you could care less. Looks like she made a good choice in leaving you to dry.

    • I never lead her on to believe that it was anything but about being physical with one another.

    • And I especially like the double standard here. When a guy has a one night stand , we're scumbags. But hell, when a married girl does it, THANK god she left Mr. Jackass.

    • Dude. There is no double standard from me. I said you and she did something wrong. Cheating is a bad thing, and I wouldn't be the woman patting her on the back and saying good for you for what she did. Whether you like it or not, NOT seeing you or talking to you is THE right thing to do. If you are hurt, which is what you are implying, you should have thought about that before you hooked up with her. It is wrong to leave you with out an apology too, she should do that, but obviously is a jerk.

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  • You are lucky her husband didnot found out about you and shot you point blank. Now just let her go so she may keep some of the self respect she still have to herself and try to save her marraige.

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