"Women don't need to know how to get a Man, they only need to know how to keep one", do you think that statement is true? I feel there is truth to it?

Because this is how I see it, I feel it hit me barely last year but I wish it hit me earlier, It is only guys, men, who need to be the ones to learn how to get a date or how to get into a relationship, not the other way around, because simply put, how does a woman, a girl, need to know how to get a date or get a boyfriend when she doesn't have to do the approaching and asking out, or initiate or escalate anything, ask out, etc. It looks like everything simply "just happens" for girls, women.

Men typically drive and initiate the majority of relationships. We must approach, we must impress, we must pay for the date, we have to show we are worthy. A woman's shortlist of requirements aren't exactly short.

Because typically the way you learn in life is by "doing", "applying", and since approaching, starting the conversation, asking out, asking for the number, going for the kiss, escalate to sex, or just leading the interaction, are all forms of "doing", applying", for example, you won't get better at playing a piano, or other musical instrument, or a certain sport, martial art, if you don't practice or apply regularly, and since all girls have to do is pretty much just dress up and look good, and just stand there, just be passive, they don't really have to take any social actions on their part, because they don't have to be the ones to start conversations, ask for the number, ask out, and all the rest you know, because they aren't "doing" anything, etc. So it makes you wonder what they have to learn.

Gold Jacket Luke, who posts on YouTube a lot, he even said this quote when discussing his favorite book the Alabaster Girl: "Also girls have it easier when it comes to learning how to talk to and interact with the opposite sex because guys approach girls. It's the masculine role to initiate. So girls learn very young the basics even if they do nothing."
so keeping a guy sounds like the only thing girls need to know how to do, because simply put, girls don't need to be the one to make the first moves or initiate in the beginning, but since they are often the ones being dumped, broken up with, sounds like keeping a guy is the only thing they need to know how.
even though both sexes obviously end up being the victim on which caused the break-up or divorce, either gender can instigate the break-up or divorce, but since guys are still pretty much expected to do the active pursuing of women, asking out, etc. It makes it seem that women only need to know how to keep a guy, they don't need to know how to "get" a guy.
that's why I feel it's only men who need to know how to get a date, not the other way around


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  • See I dunno. Every guy I’ve dated, every guy I’ve slept with and pretty much all guys I’ve hooked up with, I’ve had to approach, not the other way around. Most are more than happy to talk to me but none of them would have come up to me in the first place. They have all effectively kissed me first admittedly, mostly because every time I’ve tried to initiate I get rejected, but I’m the one taking the first step. On the other hand both my current and ex boyfriends described how they didn’t ever chase girls and that they come to them.

    • well that still almost never happens

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  • Yeah true. And even when they have sex, they can lay on their back or sit in a position most of them l the time.

    • Most of the time*

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    • So much of moderators behavior depends on their view of the persons intent. Look at the president. He has the same views on immigration as Bill C, but because many think he has negative intentions against Mexicans, he has resistance. You gotta have tact which can be hard online.

      Good luck b t w @Jaiyde29

    • ya because i'm interested to know how it works from the other perspective

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  • You make a point. Yet I think the best is how to get rid of a man and stalkers that never do leave you alone until you are the ideal hooker.

    • well I don't see how women need to know how to get a date or get a boyfriend when they don't have to initiate or make any moves

    • A man most makes moves. This world has proven how to treat a woman right in the only way possible. Man must make the moves. Woman are completely exhausted because the man never makes moves but say a woman must make the moves. So they get evil parents for children. Man must be good and seek a good woman. A good woman is not a woman who looks at the outside but the inside and gives love to a man and is not a money maker. Why does man think of ambition not about their children? Did they loose their hormones?

    • it's probably the number one thing I've always hated about being born a guy, so much it fills me with dark thoughts at times, feels like an injustice

  • I wish it were that simple. Most guys don't chase anymore. It's the girls doing the chasing. I feel the dynamics changed when women started to take control of the men they date. It is true that women get approached more often then men do but most of those guys the women is not interested in them.

    If women were approached by guys who they were actually attracted to then it would be the way you are explaining that the guy would do the chasing and the girl would enjoy her courtship.

    In this new age, girls are doing most of the leg work especially if they are targeting a specific guy.

    Than again women should know how to signal a guy she likes so that she doesn't lead on a guy she's not really interested in that way she won't need to chase.

    • well it's probably a fact that as to why most people in the world who surpass their mid-20's or reach their 30's without ever having had a relationship before, or still a virgin, are almost always guys, male

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    • Yeah it's probably one of the cruelests parts about life

    • ya something I've always hated and resented

  • I really Appreciate a mind like yours. Yes, it's true girls have to learn how to keep a man. Especially black women. I can get guys easy but it's all about keeping him. Which catering comes into play, cooking for him (if I won't do it another woman will) satisfying him. How do women keep a man. I don't know. I've only kept a few men and all of them were a bit different. So how does a woman keep a man in your opinion?

    • well ya, because simply put,, it should make sense, I don't see how women need to learn how to get a man, when women don't have to do anything in order to make anything happen with a man if you know what I mean

  • I feel you definitely nailed it

  • Yes it has some truth behind it


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