Girls, is a guy being more introverted than extroverted ok relationship wise?

I'm wondering if being an introverted/shy guy is ok with girls. It seems like everyone in the US is trying to make a big name for themselves and is constantly taking selfies and crap, and tbh I'm really not into that life.

I'm NOT the kind of person who squeals in terror when people look at me or anything extreme like that, but I'm definitely more introverted than extrovert. My ideal day with a girlfriend is us chilling alone together (probably cuddling), not going to some crazy party or bar, but I WOULD be willing to go to the occasional party if necessary, and I could probably have some fun.
  • I'd date a male introvert, and lots of girls are cool with them too
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  • I'd date a male introvert, but most girls really don't like introverted guys
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  • I'm not a fan of male introverts, but a decent amount of girls are cool with them
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  • You're screwed, hope you enjoy guys
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