He asked me for lunch, but he wants me to play it by ear. What was that?

A guy asked to me to have lunch with him. I said sure as long as no one cancels it (as a joke since he cancelled some activities before). He asked me, "who will cancel?" I replied "might be you (with smile)"

he suddenly replied: that he will be coming from somewhere by that time because he has appointments prior so lets play it by ear and hopefully it will be finished early.

what was that?


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  • he doesn't want to commit to a specific time because he might not be able to make it. Looks like he's not really making time for you. BUt i get that if its your first time really planning and doing something you want to give him the benefit of the doubt. I can't stand flaky guys. this crap happnens to me all the time and then they try to say "but we never had actual plans" just because they half plan something and then bail or flake out

    • Just so weird, he shouldn't have asked me in the first place right. Why guys do that...

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    • Yeah... my bad because i am always direct... i dont want the idea that he controls or he plays games with me because am complicent.

    • i totally agree. I am always direct too. I dont feel the need to sugar coat things or dance around subjects or hope that if i look at him a certain way he'll be able to read my mind. like i said just be kind in the way you express yourself and a real man will appreciate your honestly and clarity

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  • I think you upset him with your little comment. So he's less excited about the lunch with you

    • U think so?

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    • I think... maybe i sounded demanding to him... but thats me! I dont want to play games and dont want to be treated like that. Do u think still ok to have lunch with him afterall if he could make it? 😉

    • Oh yah. Unless you already told him otherwise

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  • I have no idea, that was very confusing...

    • Yup it cracked my head. Dont know if i said something wrong.

  • I didn't hear anything


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