Love proposal to a girl (my cousin) and why she hates me afterwards?

I loved an older girl from childhood.. during the time her family was searching a man for her.. i proposed her and she found it disgusting and was mad at me since she saw me as my younger brother.. I kept on being clingy until she blocked me and she mentioned at the point I didn’t meet her criteria and my family was responsible for her family breaking apart... few years after we meeet she was super rude and kept on making snarky comments towards me and looked very angry... like she really hated me ( according to me ) and she evenpcjed me for failing my 11 grade exams and she knew it was because of her.. can anyone tell me what she actually feels towards me and why she seemed so heartless?


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  • Well, hating you because of a past family feud is petty and stupid, but your cousin bro? why?

    • In some cultures this happens including marriage... she grew up in the west probably that’s why she felt disgusting I think

    • Ah, ok.

  • I think it's because she doesn't see you as anyone other than a younger brother. Furthermore, I think she really dislike you a lot because of the family feud. Isn't the reason obvious why she hate you lot?

    • But why the jealousy in her as well as superior complexity

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    • If I achieve something good, then she becomes jealous

    • Actually regarding the cousin thing, the concern is not only about family issue but also because of health reasons. People inherit more diseases if they marry people who are close to them, because of the genetics and stuff. That's why it's better to marry people you are not related with at all.

      She really, really hates you. That's the only reason and you gotta accept it. She is not jealous but angry because someone she hates achieved something.

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