Damaged by a child hood problem?

I have really terrible trust issues with men. when I was 15 I was involved in a sexual relationship with a 25 year old, I'm not sure if maybe I just haven't come to terms that , that is something that could of possibly damaged me as a child. to this day I ask myself was I molested? was It statutory rape? I remember this relationship being very damaging and heart breaking to me. the way he ended this very wrong relationship was by letting his girlfriend answer the phone and telling me to pretty much F off... I feel so sorry I let this happen to myself I feel I knew better than to be involved with a adult.
for those of you who are saying I'm yelling rape... I'm looking for help to clarify this... im 26 years old and this still haunts me to this day


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  • You didn't know anything. You might have thought so but you didn't. Sometimes we get to far into the deep water of life before we are ready. My words for him would be different. Idgaf if you cornered him and he passed out the whole time. If you was my little girl he'd be able to breath out his neck for that. Then to be so spineless your chick gotta tell a little girl what's what. That chick got real problems. Not you.

    • the crazy part if I'm 26 now and I'm still haunted by this... to this day I can't keep a relationship and I'm not sure why that is... but I do know I have terrible trust issues

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  • Girl please. There are people actually being raped and forced to be in relationships they would never choose to be, ever and you're out here crying "rape" because you're resentful of the way he broke up with you? Good. Fucking. Bye.

    • I was a damn kid... so your blaming a kid... I just turned 15 year olds and was being manipulated by a 25 year old man. god bless you.

    • I'm 26 years old and I'm still haunted by the fact at 15 years old... so I highly doubt 11 years later id be claiming rape

    • Oh no tragic

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  • It was him that should've know better. You were to young to be in a relationship with a 25 year old man. It was statutory rape.

  • It’s not your fault he was the adult and he used you.

    • I'm 26 and I feel loosing my viriginty and being hurt by man of that age at such a young age was tramatizing

    • I can understand that but you didn’t do anything wrong

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