He dumped me and blocked me?

me and my boyfriend met 3 months ago on tinder. I'm 22 and he is 28. I'm in college. We got together on our 1st date. He has a son and 3 other possible kids by different girls he had serious relationships with. he talks about himself a lot never asks about me really. He changed after prison. He is always speaking positivity. He is an ex felon (for a robbery) he got out in 2016. He works at la fitness and bouncer at a club. He doesn't make a a whole lot of money but he says we are a team. Im letting him stay in my dorm with me bc he is living with his mom now to help her out & they are bumping heads. He use to have his own place. He owes 3k for his liscense. He wants a car & trying to save. He wants me to quit my job making less than minimum wage to drive uber so i can make enough to help him get his l’s back. i'm not comfortable driving even though i have my l’s He says he will buy me a car and teach me. He said he loved me fast. We have our fingerprints on eachothers iphones. He does take me out. I paid a couple times. He talks about the future and says he wants to live together. He says he could get his own place if he wants but he comes all the way out here in elmhurst with me because he wants to spend time with me and he knows if he didn't we would never see eachother bc he works 6 days a week, no car. He said if fail out of college and dont finish then he can't with me cause he can't take care of me. Update. he got his own place a few days ago and he still talks to me and i visited him at his place but he won't come to elmhurst anymore bc he said its out of his way and he new place is close to both his jobs so he wants me to come to him and he said we can meet downtown in the middle but he is not coming all the way out there anymore. And he knows i just quit my job. I asked him today is he using me and he broke up with me and blocked me bc he said i dont trust him and i dont appreciate a good man that won't cheat & he is tired of explaining his good intentions.


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  • You already got used. And... It's over


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