Should I keep texting this one guy?

there is this guy I've been interested in for a while, bu can't tell if he likes me. I don't want to get mix signals, because he tells me he misses me but never text or calls or any thing. when I text him he replies but very vague.But he send a text saying he like me but don't know if he meant as a friend or as something should I text him or just forget about it?


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  • Guys are so easy... sad to say, straight up text him and ask him what's up and what he wants out of between you and him, ask him to be totally honest and tell you whatever it is. very good chance he will tell you the truth..

    • But I didn't text him for 3 weeks and he never texted me until I text him.i guess I have nothing to loose.

    • Exactly, after 3 weeks, you don't have anything to lose, come right out and say what it is you want and what you feel. if he ignores that too, its an answer in itself.

  • Seems like a mixed signal. He definitely likes you because he sends texts saying she misses you. That gives it away. If I guy isn't interested in you he would not do that. The never texting or calling thing is contradictory. No fear. Some guys have a hard time calling and texting because there is pressure involved and they would rather put it off until later... Then its too late at night and they have to wait until the next day. Then they have to wait until its evening because that's the best time to call/text and expect a response. Shy guys will look for a a reason to not to call. "It's too late, It's too early, I'm hanging out with friends I'll wait." Then it kinda of repeats over and over. Eventually over about a month, he can lose interest. If he doesn't contact you in a week. Go for it. Text him. Ask him what he is up to. Let him get the impression that you are looking for something to do or are bored and want to talk. You really have nothing to lose. If he doesn't take a hint from that then move on. up to you at that point.

    • You hit it on the head also lol. This can very well be the case completely.

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