Is he scared of being loved?

This past week I saw something that I wasn't fond of.
I went to drop off something at my guys house while he was at work.
While pulling up, a woman came out of his place and getting into his car he shares with family.
I was told about the shared car. What I wasn't told was the person whom has his house key.
Mind you, his house is completely a mans house. Meaning no woman lives there at all.
I texted him asking about it.
He didn't respond regarding the person.
Than we got in the convo were he said im amazing and caring. Though, he isn't meant to be stable.
After, I explain what I believe that he afraid to get close to someone that means something. He waited 2 hrs while i was asleep to tell me he wants to see me. I would of let him if i wasn't asleep.
Now, he reading things im sending through social sites.
I know I should just call it to the end of it. Though, i believe he is scared. Cus everything matched up except this person having a key.
Also, believe that i should of know about this key since I've been at his place a lot.
Just trying to clear my mind of all the shock


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  • Scared of being loved? Wtf? Are you drunk?

    • U aware men do get afraid of love

    • I’m a man and no I didn’t. I think that’s an old wives tale or something women tell themselves so they’ll feel better after being rejected

    • Yea come to my area they either cheat or scared of love. So dont say men dont cus they do

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