20 years old virgin girl dating a guy who wants it.

the whole story is that I'm seeing this guy, we are nothing really, just dating every chance we have...like I know I am the only one atm ..normally we are talking on the phone, msn, going for drinks.. making out? .. and blah blah.. like normal people dating.. I like him, he likes me.. all typical till now, I normally get bored of guys very easy, like at the second date I'm already sick of them. but not with him... anyways his around 5 years older than me... and I'm a virgin (the kind looking for the right one, I thought that my ex was that one.. bt long story short.. he wasn't) and well I KNOW it should be frustrating for him date me and all, as I tease him and all.. .he would get sick of me, if I don't do it, (OH MAN! IM FREAKING HORNY! LOL) bt... here my principles and values come into the scene .. saying that I need to be with someone I have something serious, and the right one... and blah, I may end hurt... SO IDK! IDK... what should I do?


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  • Wait for someone you're 100% sure about and I promise you won't be disappointed.