Why can't I forget her?

So, a year ago i met a girl on Instagram and we started chatting regularly. She was really cool, and after some months i felt that she had something special, so i decided to ask her if she wanted to hang out with me, but she refused. I tried it again after some months, and she continued to refuse my invites. Since it seemed Impossible to talk with her personally, i decided to let her know my feelings, but she was really shy and was afraid of meeting a new person.

After that, i got a little tired of being rejected again and again, so i said everything that was stuck in my mind, then she got upset and stopped following me on Instagram. After almost a year, she followed me again and that she was sorry about what she did in the past, i said that she needed to love herself more than trying to search for love in other people.

But somehow i can't forget her, i think about her every night, and it hurts. I feel a bit ashamed because i can't forget someone that i haven't even met personally. What should i do?


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  • Hey man you have feelings for her and what you did was tactful but really I thinks it’s up to her to tell you how she feels cause you’ve done the best you could.

    If she says yes great
    If she says no or nothing just leave it and enjoy the better things in life.


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