My girlfriend and I are having problems. Can someone please help?

So my girlfriend and I have been together for about 8 months almost and recently she has been acting strange. I have tried to ask her but she said I don't ever listen and she has told me. I talked to her about what I thought it was (a few things) and I got them right. But also lately she has been hanging out and talking to other guys. And has been saying she wants space. (First off I don't know if it's bad for me to be jealous. Or if that means I'm insecure. I trust her but I don't know these guys) I'm giving her the space but she also said she does not want me gone so I don't know how much space to give. Also in a few weeks her and I have a trip to go see my parents.(who paid for plane tickets and a lot of events) and now she tells me after 6 months if being excited for the trip that she does not know if she wants to go because "if I don't wanna spend time with you as much now I don't think it will be different In two weeks" I am sick to my stomach and really want her to go with me I don't know what to do i really wanna be with her and I know she needs space like she asked but my parents will hate her if she does not go on the trip they paid for. What do i do? Or someone just talk to me I need a friend who can help.


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  • Damn, sorry to hear that man. It's starting to look like your girlfriend is losing interest in you. The signs are all there. Becoming distant, needing space, spending more time with friends, talking to other guys. Really isn't a good situation.

    Now when she says that she doesn't want you gone, don't trust her on that. I'm sorry to say this, but I don't believe it's because she literally wants to stay with you, I believe it's coming from her fear of being alone. She wants to have you there to fall back on when she needs you, but spend time apart every other time.

    It's time for you to admit that you could lose this girl, she's already beginning to create a rift between you and her. So be strong and have a talk with her. Ask her again exactly what the issue is. Tell her you're trying to make things work. And after telling her these things, if you can't see her trying to make things work as well, if you still get back some crap about 'needing space', break up with her right there and then because it's only going to cause you more drama in the future.

    And I suspect if you break up with her, you'll suddenly see a shift in her behavior and she'll start putting in effort to try and get you to stay. That's how it usually plays out.


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