What should do with my ex?

What should I do about my ex? I still have feelings for her I love her and I think she might have feelings for me too, tho she has a boyfriend. We still talk all day everyday, we laugh have fun smile together, we make sure each other are happy, we push each other to get better, she cares so much about me, she makes sure I'm happy and is happy when I am. We broke up on good terms, just so we could help ourselves first before we would get back together again, bc of one of her exs who used her and hurt her bad. She got back with a different ex (not the one that used her). But she told me that she that she only left me bc she got scared bc we got close bc of her ex that used her she's afraid to get close. when we were together we were both so happy, she would tell me how she never had to hide or fake anything that her smile was real with me. And ever since him she's been down a lot more. Does she still have feelings for me? What should I do?


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  • Accept that you love her and miss her and accept that she will never be yours

    • Why you say she won't?

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    • Ex are ex for a reason,

    • There's plenty of people who have broken up to get back together and stay together

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