What should I text a guy that I want to have a relationship with?

I don't want to ask him, but I want him to get the point that I want him to be my boyfriend. I think he likes me cause he calls me cute/ sweet all the time...


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  • There isn't anything. Don't bullsh*t around and just ask him out.

    • But I feel weird I want him to ask me.

      cause if he says no id feel weird and it would ruin things

    • You do realize he probably has those same feelings right? It's not fair to make guys always take the jump. You don't have to ask him but I'm sure he wouldn't say no(unless he really doesn't like you or is some kind of doucehbag) and would be really happy.

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  • say hey. you wanna do something nxt weeknd. (you shouldn't say this weeknd so he thinks you have plans!) hang out with him first because you might not even like the REAL him..