Girls, A girl gave me her number but she said something strange, what does it mean?

'Don't stock me'
'(serious thought emoji)'

What does she mean by dont stock me?


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  • She meant stalk and she's probably being serious but doesn't want to come off as mean, probably because she doesn't want you to be mean to her.

    • Ohhh, i see. Thanks!
      What does she not want me to do exactly that is considered stalking?
      (I am on her facebook and instagram since 2015, I've only liked a few pictures and i dont comment on them at all, -im older than her, more mature and if i could id delete myself off her social media i would but it would seem like burning bridges)

      I admit i have been getting her to reply to me by being a little bit mean but it was to raise her emotions so i could test her. Turns out she passed admirably so i asked her for her number.

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