I really like this girl and I think she likes me too. I don’t want to ask her out unless certain?

I really like this girl and I think she likes me too.
I don’t want to ask her out unless certain because she works with me and a rejection will make things awkward.

Some of the stuff she does when we interact.

She giggles at everything joke I say, even if it’s not funny.

we converse a lot outside on a cigarette break but she begun to go silent and just listen and giggle. She doesn’t initiate conversations like she used to.

Sometimes when I finish work she waits for me and we both walk out the store together while having chat. A few times i started talking to another colleague and she stands there waiting.

Her tone of voice has changed, it’s become way softer and when around people or a group it’s very different she’s normal.

Yesterday, I spoke to her we had a conversation and a minute later she started pretending to do some work on a computer and ignored me.

When I went up towards her she stared at me and just giggled.

What do I make of this? Does she like me?


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  • It really depends on your intensions as well as hers. If you want to go further, from being a minor attraction to a relationship then you should most definetly ask your crush if she would want the same too. If you don’t really see her as much else as someone you like then you probably should see how she feels about that so that shd doesn't become too attached to you which will eventually lead her to heartbreak.
    I would say ask her out. If she isn't ready for dates, then just hang out a lot more. Flirt with each other a bit. If she's ready for dates, then take her somewhere nice. You don’t have to be super fancy and expensive about it, but go somewhere nice where there’s good food (and food that you think she would like). Maybe hold hands, hug, and kiss. Talk about boundaries (how far you are each willing to go with the relationship, physical touch boundaries, etc). Best of luck!! ☺


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