How to tell or politely ghost (if needs be) a guy on whatsapp and snapchat?

Basically I've been speaking to a guy for like 4 weeks from Tinder (Should've known better)
It was all lovely at first, flirty and we got on fabulously but...
Turns out he's very transphobic and homophobic- which I find god awful for many reasons I won't delve into.
But because we've been speaking for so long, he'll definitely message me soon- how should I take a step away from him without coming across as a bitch- to put it bluntly haha

I made it clear than he was being transphobic/homophobic and explained why he was wrong politely but his response was 'I don't care'' and then continued to be quite mocking and patronising ๐Ÿคฎdon't need than kinda ignorant person in my life tbh ๐Ÿ‘‹

Also he just added me on snapchat- which is weird cause my name on snapchat isn't my real name and we have no friends in-common... so I don't really get how he found me. I asked him how and he just avoided it with a joke hahahaha.



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  • Well, since you tried to explain to him your opinion and he couldn't see any of your points; I agree, he's bad news, and I understand why you don't want him anymore.
    If I were you I'd tell him that having that point of view on people pushes you away, and that if he's ignorant to see your point of view, you don't want to continue the friendship. Just be honest.

    You could also just block him, but that could make him angry. Al though you wouldn't be around for his anger. But if he is the douche he comes of as being, he will probably get angry for your confrontation and ignore you out of anger. And then you're rid of him!

    • Thank you! I'll tell him that- give me one last chance, but honestly he's got A LOT of red flags popping up tbh so I'll block him if needs be! Don't really want to poke the stalkery bear ๐Ÿ˜†

    • Sounds like a good idea :D You'll find someone real cool in notime!

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  • Tell him exactly the same thing you just posted here. That will elaborate how you're feeling to him


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  • Erm it could be the same as Facebook id or another id. Be carefull tho he might be good at social engendering and that's dangerous.

  • There's this great option of block. Use it.


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