Is it better to not be passionate towards your girlfriend?

I am a naturally loving and passionate guy, and I feel like it hurts me more than helps me. Is it possible to curb this enthusiasm?
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  • Just go as u feel right man! You love your way and you should keep that up till someone understands it. Don't change coz in our times the truth is missing in human relationships


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  • If she's not into it, you may need a new girlfriend.


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  • Why do you think that? Interested...

    • There are a lot of reasons

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    • The poll is for the title. I usually am very sweet and love way too much, and I think women take advantage of that. My friend tells me women should just be a companion you have sex with and not something to cherish like that.

    • Your friend is wrong. Women are people too, you know. It would be a shame to lose the opportunity to have that kind of meaningful connection with a girl. You should experience your emotions freely, but just be more temperate at first, until you get to know the other better. That the other is truly what you want and deserve you. You should also have enough self esteem to not put up with behavior you don't like or suit you. Also intense emotions lead to intense reactions. Try to be more balanced.

  • Passionate is always good


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