Part Two— What would you do in this situation?

Karen is the main character of this story. She's the person you need to offer advice to.

Karen — a 12-year-old girl
Susan — also a 12-year-old girl, Karen's longtime best friend
Jane — also a 12-year-old girl, Karen's best friend of 2 years
John — a 12-year-old boy, Karen's ex-boyfriend (they dated for about three months), now the close friend of Karen, Susan, and Jane

There's a school dance coming up this Friday, and Karen's not sure who to ask, if she does ask anyone. She wants to ask Jane, but she's worried it will ruin or damage their currently strong friendship if Jane says no. Karen's hoping she'll be able to play it off as a joke, but that may not happen.

There's also the issue of Jane saying yes. If she says yes, then Karen will probably have a mutual crush with Jane. That complicates things with Susan. If Karen has two mutual crushes, whom does she choose? What does she do? She doesn't want to risk one of Susan's slightly frequent mental breakdowns, and she also doesn't want to risk losing the friendship of either girl. Susan and Jane are both amazing people, and Karen doesn't want to lose them.

If Jane says no, then Karen will ask Susan. Karen just doesn't want Susan to feel like a backup or a second choice.

(Susan already knows about all this, so she's up to date and pretty much okay with it, from what Karen can tell.)

*Now you can give advice. You're welcome.*
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