Is this guy im talking to an addict?

I've been talking to this guy for about 5 months now. He’s definitely one of a kind. he's hilarious and always makes me laugh. And he has these sweet moments. But like anybody he has issues.

he battled with alcohol issues in the past. he's 25 right now and he still drinks but not to the extent he said he used to. But there were a few times where I saw him get drunk and he turned into this massive jerk. Like hell look for fights and just started being this sarcastic douche. I told him I liked him and he told me too. Its weird because whenever im with him we have a great time and have his connection thats awesome.

Thing is he told me he doesn't like texting. He is a pretty boring texter. But the other day he texted me, “do u still want to talk to me, id appreciate honesty” he has these paranoid thoughts running through his mind that make no sense. I like him a lot but it seems he battles with low self esteem. He is such a good looking guy too. I dont know if this matters but he didn't talk to his mom for a year and i helped him reach back out to her. He has committment issues as do I. He also has anger issues. I witnessed him punch his steering wheel in rage like 4 times then he punched a hole in his wall. He also lies to me. He thinks I dont noice but hell tell little lies.

Would this guy ever change? Or is he maybe an addict? He does smoke a lot of pot too.


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  • the funniest people are always the most depressed. It's very ironic.
    I don't know, I think so he's still pretty young. Bit of anger issues. I think it's from the alcohol. The paranoia is from weed.


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