How to not be really shy around your boyfriend?

he keeps telling me I’m shy
And I am when he tries to kiss me, but we also go to a private school and I don’t want the teachers to see which will probably get us in a lot of trouble


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  • AWWWWWWW cute!! Just take your time, do you both hang outside of class? It took my boyfriend and I 2 months before we even kissed. Don't rush it if you don't feel comfortable!

    • Tommorow it is 2 months since we are together so same
      The problem is that I want to kiss him, but I just get all nervous and shy

    • I was the same way with my boyfriend. It's apart of being shy lol. Maybe just give a little peck on his cheek. That'll make him happy :) It takes time, trust me it gets better once you are comfortable with each other. :)

    • Ok, thank you sm!!

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