Ubba's Super Weird Crush Situation; My Desperate Call For HELP! A girl liked me, but now I'm not sure. Her best friend hates me. What should I do?

So about four months ago, (yeah...) these two girls started talking to me out of nowhere, so I made friends with them. (Note: keep in mind that these two girls are almost always together; they are best friends, same afterschool job, etc.)

(let's call one Freya and the other Hilda). So now I got this really big crush for Freya; the one who seemingly likes/ed me. This one time, the three of us went to the Movies, Freya touched me a lot and started acting real weird. On the way back home, Freya and I separated from Hilda, and the two of us walked in the dark for some time, talking and laughing. I even had my arm around her. I really regret not making a move back then. The thing is; I was afraid that Hilda would feel bad if she noticed her best friend; Freya, was giving me special attention, and vice versa.
Somewhere along the line, things went weird. They start to seemingly avoid me. Things between Hilda I get very strange. She seemed fine the last time I talked to her, but a week after spring break, she blocks me on all social media and avoids eye contact entirely. Either I unknowingly said or did something bad, or exactly what I had feared had come; Hilda thinking that I could steal her best friend. This is when Frey starts to distance herself from me too. (Which is what Hilda would want)
Hilda literally flips me off in the distance (presumably upon reading my message to Frey that I wanted to talk to her). I end up confronting them, but Hilda simply refused to disclose anything, and said, "leave me alone." Our friendship is clearly unsalvagable. Freya still smiles at me, but today she gave me this really fucking awkward smile. I still saw some emotion behind it, but it was just strange.

Recently, I haven't seen Hilda. Freya is a great person who doesn't like to make anybody feel bad. Should I ask Freya out, and how should put it. Find out what happens next time on; girlsaskguys!

Thank you for your time -Danish Viking Warlord Ubba


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  • I wouldn't but that's me. These two girls they have this weird connection with each other or maybe it's jealousy between all three involved.


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