How do you test if a woman would be a good mother?

So all of the women in my family, in my eyes anyways, are weak. Their children control them. One cry, one whine, and they are freaking out and raging and screaming and despite that, giving their kid anything they want, because they “can’t stand” to hear them whine.

Their kids can’t be kids. They can’t explore, and play one children. Everything their kids do PISSES THEM THE FUCK OFF. Normal child shit is enraging to women in my family.

Well, my family is batshit crazy. But also so was my ex wife and she was the exact same way. Maybe I married her because somehow I gravitated to a woman like my mom? I don’t know. Anyways, I want to avoid a woman like this in the future.

But how do I know? My ex hid her crazy from me pretty well. I don’t know what to look for. But if I have a family I don’t want it to be with a weak woman who lets her children rule her.

I have a kid. He knows crying will guarantee that he doesn’t get what he wants from me. Period. Acting up, acting out, there goes the thing he wanted. He is never bad with me. He’s a happy loving kid with me. With his mother, he’s a screaming crying nutcase because he knows she will give him everything he wants.

Yea, I can’t be with a weak woman. How do you find one?


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  • The one way I can think of, is to see how she is with your son when he gets upset. If she starts trying to make him stop at all costs, you know she doesn't have the same parenting style as you.

    That said, I think people have to learn or get used to being steadfast as a parent, especially if they don't have a kid of their own.

    • I’m sure dating a woman she would never unleash her real parenting skills in a kid who isn’t hers. They will fake it till you’re married lol.

      Maybe I have to date a woman with a kid so I can see her in action lol. But I don’t want to date a woman with a kid.

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