Guys, Did I make a mistake on the date by asking him "umm, whats ur worst date?" ?

The reason why / the backgroung i said this to him:

- we were quite silent on our date.
- i am a talkative woman, but suddenly went blank and didn't know what to ask and talk about bcoz i very much like him, i was honestly nervous.
- on our 3rd date, i was confused why we were quite silent (it is bcoz i was silent too - i was nervous)
- so i stupidly popped up with this stupid question to merely break the ice wrongly.

He didn't know i asked such stupid question , bcoz i was nervous and panick due to the silence we had. And i wanted to break the ice. He is a calm person.

And i also asked him playfully "why are we silent?" With smile.. 😊

He said "maybe we could just appreciate the silence".

I smiled and said "ow.. Okay.. 😊" (feeling awkward)

Did i make mistakes?


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  • He's not a talkative guy, so silences can be comfortable and not awkward. When it gets quiet, instead of thinking of something to talk about and feeling nervous about the silence, just think about what has already been said. That's what I do when I get quiet, I'm just thinking deeper and drift away sometimes


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  • Worst case scenario, he thought the worst date you were thinking of was that one. On the other hand, maybe he was just saying it was okay to have silence.

  • As long as he didn't mention I've with you I think it's fine

    • Even if that date was the worst one, he would have been able to mention that in front of me of course

    • If course, just don't worry too much about the little things in a date, one little thing will not make or break a date

  • No he just doesn't talk much. If he's continuing to date you he's interested.

  • I really hope noone will ever ask me that in first date i might not resist myself.

    • That was our 3rd date.
      On our 2nd date, we made out and ended up giving him a hand job, bcoz i was ready for sex.
      And he asked me out for dinner in mall the next day which is the 3rd date.

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    • What do u mean by "if i did resist myself, then it is ol"

    • Lol saying "this one"

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