Approaching women to get a date/dates?

im 24, male. I had short relationships with women (nothing serious) and found them all online... never approached in real life first... so i went on dates after knowing them online... but now i see this is not working for me... rarely find someone serious online, few tinder matches sometimes, on dating sites get attention of some women but they lose interest fast ( probably because of all the choices with guys they have)... i am not saying im really good looking, but at least average i think i am...

so any tips on approaching women irl? at coffee shops, in store, when i jog, when im out with friends?
this year i got it harder because im not in my college town where are tons of women...
and if im not really good looking will i get rejected a lot? also i would have a girl for a short time (one night stand) or a girlfriend if i find someone who is serious...
also i got laid only once


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  • Well i am not very good at this also. I usually will just try to hang out with friends if i am really interested in meeting someone new face to face. Have a friend that is good at opening with you, will make things way easier, if not, stick to the internet, at some point you will suceed, but do not use dating apps for this, instead try to find someone through facebook groups, whatsapp groups and so on, there is a higher chance of finding someone in these chatting apps than in dating apps, for as paradoxal as it may sound. But if you want to meet face to face, have something good at opening close to you.


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