Do you think he is serious about the relationship?

So we met online and met only once. We had a great time together. But unfortunately, where we live are like 400 miles away. So I asked him if we could make it work or not, he said yes. It was 1 week ago.

And he he got home but he’s in a really bad condition. He is injured right now and he is sick, he says. So I’ve been the first one who message the first and he sometimes even ignores it.

He says he likes me, but I feel I like him more and I’m not sure we can make it work. He is in the military and when I ask him whether I can visit on holidays, he said he was not sure because he was in the military and it was hard to schedule things.

Like we are not sure when we can meet again. He seems he feels nothing about it. He is American and I am Japanese.

Do you think he is serious?


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  • If he is injured and sick , he might need sometime to heal up , along with the military life. It sounds like that can take up a lot of his time , but once he staffed getting better he might be a lot more talkative.

    • A relationship and especially a long distance relationship. Can have it’s test times (during these times it will test you in every way possible) during these times it’s up to you too to be understanding and patient.

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    • Hi! Things seem to go well☺️ Thank you for your advice:)

    • No problem :)

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  • I think ur more serious than he is in some ways


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  • Well on such a short "test period" it's hard to say. I'd suggest that you either tell him how you feel. I've not been to the army yet since I'm not old enough so I don't know how hard it is to schedule things there. I'd suggest moving into his or your place if you get serious.

  • I think if he was serious he would make more effort to talk, but it's hard for him given his condition (injured and military)

  • no chance then


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