What text should I send the girl I like in the morning?

I like her and she likes me, we've both told our feelings to each other but we've had arguments lately and getting things back together. She doesn't want the commitment of a relationship at the moment as she wants to concentrate on other things, one being her ill granddad. So I want to be there for her and flirt, know that I still think of her and she means something to me.

She has an exam tomorrow.. so I was wondering whether to say' good morning :)' then wish her luck with exam and say something witty. Is 'good morning gorgeous :)' alright or too much? Should I just stick to a 'good morning :)' ?


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  • I don't see the problem with saying "good morning gorgeous, good luck on your test today :-)" . I think that's perfectly fine. And it's always nice when a guy calls a girl gorgeous. It's a nice way to start off her day :-p. Since you both like each other there's nothing wrong with that.

  • stick with the good morning :) then wish her good luck


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