Does he truly care?

I texted this guy on Instagram & the next day he asked me out & during our date he made clear that he is a super busy person plus gave me the vibe I should be glad he made time

Anyways we texted after the date & he ignored my last text & I was thinking okay he is probably just busy because he already said he is a busy person but he has time to be on Instagram nearly the whole time

Yesterday (5days after or date) he texted me asking what I'm doing at 9pm, I told him I'm with friends & what he is doing & he was also with friends also wished him a good time & asked how his week went, again he is ignoring my text but post on Instagram that he is at the gym this morning & it's now already 7 pm & now he is answering me to my text from yesterday night.
Well he is now liking a bunch of pictures of girls from our city


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  • To be perfectly honest he's not striking me as someone who really cares, no.

    • Now he sends me a selfie of him with his buddy
      I just don't get it

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    • Honestly, I can't tell either way.
      My only source of information here is *you*.
      And we humans see the world through lenses of our own creation that focuses on what we think is important and ignores what we think isn't.
      It's not easy to judge if our evaluation is accurate.

      Given how you describe this I suggest waiting with sex and just date him casually for a while to get to know him if you feel that he's enjoyable to spend time with.
      Then make up your mind later.
      You don't have enough information yet.
      If he isn't willing to wait then perhaps he's not the one.

    • And yes, I'm one of those people who do think that there's nothing wrong with casual sex.
      But it *should* be with someone you feel comfortable with.
      And you shouldn't feel like you're being taken advantage of (unless that's your thing and you *want* that).

  • It happens tp me sometimes too...
    I am a person who prefers a long and detailed conversation than a short one that last only till hello and hi...

    ... but that doesn't mean in any sense that I am ignoring the person... it's jist that I don't have enough time to have a long conversation and i hate small talks...
    May be that is the case with you two?


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