Guys, I'm not really comfortable going out with him?

I feel like I'm using him because I'm a full time college kid. I don't think it's right when a guy pays for anything for me. So I don't like him taking me out.. was that my deal breaker? I thought guys were okay with not spending money on their girl?


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  • I guess you feel like a freeloader. Is this relationship new? How long have you been seeing each other?

    • I did. We were together 4 years ago for 2 months. This time 2 weeks. He broke it off both times for other reasons.

    • Yah. It is kind of early for him to be spending money on you like that. Be careful, he might be trying to buy your affection, and in the future he might think that you owe him something

    • He broke it off with me already.

  • > I don't think it's right when a guy pays for anything for me

    Why can't you two share expenses? One pays for the date one time and the next time the other pays for the date. Or one buys movie tickets and the other buys dinner, and next time switch.

    If a girl says she doesn't want me to every buy her anything like even a date I don't think I'd believe her. You would probably have to tell the guy a lot that you honestly don't want to spend money on a date. That's great you want to be independent but try to reel it in a bit and go more for moderation, and communication about this issue.

    There are free dates you know. Like a walk in the park, or sometimes some type of concert from the local band.

    • Free dates I'm good with. I'm a full time college student.

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