She likes me? but it not ready? Excuse or the truth?

Background story:
We have already kissed (with tongue) multiple times on different occasions, hugged, hold hands, went to parties together, we have mutual friends. And now she is going to a hard time, ( with a lot on her mind, mostly school stuff because she has her final exams) with not much time to hang out..

Last night we were texting and she said that she really really liked me and that i was a fun person to do stuff with, but that she was not looking for a relationship because she had to learn how to 'give herself some attention first' (how to love herself? i guess) and that she has a lot on her mind right now. But my friends told me that this was just the easiest way to say that she was not interested in me... i need some opinions on this...


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  • Well these two options are just as likely to be true, i would give 50/50 for both possibilities. She can really be in a more or less complicated moment of her life and really needs some time to set things straight before she can move on and engage in a relationship, or she could just have told you an excuse. The best you to know would be if you could fifure out if she is hanging out with someone else or is looking differenly at someone else. That would directly lead to the option of that being an excuse, but it maybe that she is really at some complicated point in life. But yes, what she said is the more commen excuse for rejecting someone, so i would advise you to move on for the moment, it is your best bet for sure.


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