Bisexual people, do you prefer your own gender or the opposite gender?

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  • I prefer the opposie gender
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  • I tend to prefer guys, but I've had crushes on girls before. Some bisexuals like both genders equally, some prefer their own gender, some prefer the opposite gender.


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  • I've had sexual relationships with both genders... personally id always choose my own... i keep my boy love secret and personal but once with antony who is 14, we went to the pond and kissed in our pants when i was 12 but he got a bit too forward and moved his hands down my back to my bum but i got comfortable with him touching me... I've had sex with molly who is 15 and did it when i was 13 and i prefer girls and am reconised as a girl guy but i do have my kinks with my boys

  • bisexuals prefer both...

    • But there are some who prefer one over the other. I knew one girl, she dated a girl once and didn't like it, so she went back to men.
      And some bi girls tried a girl and liked it better

    • Never experienced that. But usually they like two genders at the same time but ok i guess

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