Do guys find it annoying when it takes a girl a while to respond to their text?

So I have heard that you are supposed to wait at least 30 min to text a guy back when he first texts you. I heard its something about making it seem that your not too available or something like that. I was wondering if this was true or if is just annoying that it takes the girl forever to write back. Also say if it would take me 1-3 hrs to text back would that b just as annoying?

thanks! I was just curious


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  • The whole appearing busy thing is absolutely ridiculous. Anyone that is capable of cognisant thought knows with the exception of service issues people generally read texts and answer phone calls quickly from people they actually want to talk to. There are probably a lot of people that think like I do, so if you really are interested in that person its probably not really worth the chance you take playing stupid games with them. They can VERY EASILY move on and find someone that will show interest in them.


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  • Omg I hate HATE this! Whoever came up with this is a dumbass. I remember a friend of mine told me about this, she seen it in Cosmo or some crap.

    All this does is p*ss me off and I will get to the point where I won't even text you or I just make you wait even longer. It's stupid because your getting ignored and for what? So you seem busy? Big Deal! Either your interested or not, no need for all the stupid petty games.

  • These ideas are completely ridiculous. Would you want someone taking all day to respond to you? Just be a normal respectful person if that is what you are asking in return


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  • I hate it when guys take forever to reply to me, so I assume they think the same. I text back whenever I see I have a text on my's usually never more than like 15 minutes, but it's rarely that slow unless I'm actually busy at work or something.