Is it bad I still get nervous before dates or hanging out with my boyfriend?

So me and my boyfriend have been dating a little over 3 months now and we have went on dates pretty much every weekend but I still get nervous before dates or before hanging out with him. My friends all say it's because I'm not comfortable with him but I am. So my question is, is it bad to be nervous before dates


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  • I can totally relate. With my first boyfriend I was always nervous through the entire relationship (we we're together about 14 months). So nervous that I struggled immensely to eat either before seeing him or when with him, stomach going crazy, heart pounding, etc... Even on our one year anniversary, lol.

    With my current boyfriend I was only really nervous the first couple months (we've been together for about 7-9 months). And now I just find myself simply excited and happy to see him, without anxiety. I've gotten to the point where I feel that I can simply do or say what I want and just be myself around him and he'll still love me so much.

    I think in the beginning it's quite normal to feel anxious. You're still trying to figure out where you fit. You want to say and do the right things and there are so many variables. I do think it generally has to do with how much you feel you can be yourself around him.

    If you feel comfortable with him, that's a good sign! I'd say continue working to be yourself and over time the nervousness will fade. Take it from someone who didn't think it was possible for myself. :)


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