Do you get over someone you have dated for a short time quickly?

Just say you were dating someone for about 1 month
You really liked that person
And that person liked you too
You always take them out to dinner, movie, etc
You always wanted to see them often several times a week
But you are also in a complicated situation with your ex
And that person found out about it and decided to leave and not pursue anything anymore

Would you still think about that person?
Or get over them quickly since its only short term?
  • Nah i would still think about that person
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  • Yeah i will get over them quickly since its short term
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  • First of all it is and always will be really really silly , stupid and immature to be in a relationship just after one ends and you are not over with the past one. No one would like to be in relationship where there partner is emotionally and mentally still struck to their ex. No one wants to be in situation where they are always gonna feel they are being used by you to get over your past. And what your new guy did was absolutely fine and really mature to leave you to out of any drama that might occur in future.
    So better is forget him unless you are mentally and emotionally prepared to give your best to a new relationship. You probably Just like him because he was giving you time and a change in life you needed but what's is for him he'll always be dead struck of what's going on between ya to.
    If you only need a change figure out some new hobbies, start trying and doing new things, go out with friends.
    And till things that are complicated from your ex if its to just you or between you guys dont get settled and stay single.

  • i think it takes half the time you were together to get over someone, for me anyways. i had a 6 week i got over in about three weeks and a 2 week that i was over in like 4 days so...


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