Guys, when u make out, can u differentiate whether it is pure lust or involves feelings?

How do you and when do you realize when u make out, u actually have special feelings for her?

How u know it?

Note: i feel sad when a guy wanna have sex with me because of pure lust. I can't have sex because of that.


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  • Ja, we can.
    We know because man have feelings as well.
    But most of us have been teached to hide them.

    So, your between 30 and 35?
    And never had sex because of pure lust?
    Why is that?

    • How do you know when it involves feelings?

    • Honestly I can't tell.
      I simply know when I've got fellings for a person.
      Butterflies in the stomach, you know?

    • Ok.. Thanks.

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