When will he be ready?

My ex of 6 months broke up with me in may and I can't get him out of my mind. I miss him all the time, I want him back and I am stuck on him. I text him the other day after hearing he had a girlfriend and he said he was "kinda seeing someone" and he thought it was too early to hang out because I was too hard up on him still and he thinks I would try to get back with him, and he is just not willing to do that yet. I told him I didn't know what to say and he wasn't expecting me to, but he said he just isn't ready yet, I want to know since he said not ready yet does that mean he will be soon? Or at some point? I miss him and love him enough to wait for him.

Well his reasoning for breaking up with me was he was "bored" I asked him what he was bored with and he couldn't tell me why or what needed to be fixed. Now he says he just isn't ready to come back yet...


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  • It's not a good idea to hang around him, you will only get hurt if you see him with someone else. And even if he isn't with someone else he may try to use you if it's obvious that you would do anything to be with him:( May I ask why he left you? I may be able to give you more advice.